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As ever, a thoroughly enjoyable post. As a granola munching vegan, I particularly appreciate your thoughtful comments on the animal-industrial complex. I do, however, have to question your literary criticism.

Golding was writing in the immediate aftermath of WWII. He was scarred by his own experiences in the navy and horrified by the easy barbarism of supposedly 'civilised' nations. You say that Lord of the Flies is a cautionary tale about what might happen if children are left unchecked by the guiding hand of adults and their social values. But the novel ends with the surviving children being chastised by a naval captain for their savagery, before he looks out to stare at his own warship on the horizon. Surely Golding is actually saying the opposite of what you claim: that the ancient cord of 'civilisation' is little more than lipstick on a pig?

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